85 Schematics

The following schematics are specific to the 1985 Mustang/Capri. These images were scanned from a FORD service manual. These files are for reference only, they are not be distributed, downloaded or sold.


The schematics were to large to scan one picture of, so they have been split into three images per page. I overlapped the images to ensure complete images of the wiring diagrams.

Wiring Index:

Power Distribution:

Charge, Start, Run I:

Charge, Start, Run II:

Charge, Start, Run III:

Charge, Start, Run IV:

Charge, Start, Run V:

Charge, Start, Run VII:

Charge, Start, Run VIII:

Air Conditioning, Heater:

Exterior Lighting I:

Exterior Lighting II:

Heated Back light, Power Door Locks, Power Windows:


Deck Lid, Protection and Convenience, Immersion Heater:

Illumination Lamps, Engine Compartment Lamp:

Horn, Speed Control Windshield Wiper/Washer:

Power Windows: